Sunday, February 16, 2014

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Friday, 2/14/14

Happy Valentines day! Ehh i guess. Anyone so yesterday we performed at a competition between the res's here called RUjamming. All week each res was woken up around 6 am to serenade one another. The girls serenaded the guys and vice versa. It was cool but also so early. I am not a morning person nor do i like being woken up early so i only participated in the morning one once. I did participate in both of the rujamming competitions because i was wide awake and not looking like a zombie. Trying to participate in everything, deal with time changes, and do what you have to do for registration is not easy with low fuel so i had to pick and choose where i spent my time. I received a new question today besides the "are you American one". Now when i respond that i am , i get a crazy look and a response of "why would you come to South Africa?". At first, i am just like woahhh why not? Then i have to remember that i am here during freshman orientation so they probably think i am a full time student. When i explain that i am an exchange student for a semester, everyone cools down. It's nice but at the same time a little sad to me. I mean one girl said she would've never left the u.s. to come here if she lived there and i didn't really agree with that.

Our TV shows display a life that seems so great to other countries that they tend to mimic the u.s. Not saying that it is a problem, but i don't want people to lose their countries cultures while trying to adopt an American culture. I see that already with my friends in the u.s. who cannot even speak Spanish, Chinese, or their native language because "they live in the u.s". I never want to live in a clone-like society so hopefully that never happens.. (fingers xx) . I have been encouraging them to study abroad in the u.s. though to see what it is really like and assure them that everyone is not rich and does not live like the kardashians or party like the jersey shore cast. They definitely should not be looked upon as American idols, in my personal opinion. I think it is beneficial for everyone to visit at least one other country and learn about another culture. Mainly because, the world is huge and there is so much going on in other places that are cool to learn or notice like i went to the "club" with a few friends and i was so shocked with the atmosphere. You can drink at 18 here and that literally blew my mind. Seeing freshman in college order drinks or go to the liquor store to purchase spirits was bizarre. I cant even do that at home and i am older than all of them lol.

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