Thursday, March 20, 2014

First "Touristy" Adventure: Addo Elephant National Park and Kenton-on-Sea Beach

Hello Everybody!

This past weekend i finally got out of Grahamstown to do something fun. Me and a few other exchange students, Dom, Brian, Victoria, and Christoph went to the Addo Elephant Park and the beach. It was such a relaxing day and i enjoyed the whole day.The elephant park was a self guided tour where our tour guide could stop wherever, but you could only exit the vehicle at certain points. They had signs everywhere telling when you could and could not get out and where you should beware of lions. Although we didn't get to see any :( Bummer. But we did see, warthogs, elephants, birds, zebras, kudos, and tons of other animals. I haven't really mastered how to work this blog all the way so i have not posted a lot of pictures, besides the ones that are in my actual blog post. But once i do, i will upload more pictures. Our tour guide stopped along the way  and picked up the best fruit i have ever tasted (besides strawberries and watermelon) called prickly pears. If i can bring some back, i will because they are to die for and that is not an exaggeration. I ate like 5 that day haha. But apparently they only grow on the bushes along the road, so some local south Africans pick them and sell them to passerbyers. Definitely worth trying! We stayed at the park from 9:30 am until 3:00 pm and still did not see all the animals. The park was huge!

Park Photos

Elephant Park

 Elephant Heads

                                                Prickly Pears!
                                          Christoph, Victoria, Me, Dom,and Brian on top one of the lookout points.                               See  the "beware of lions" sign lol
                                                  Elephants, up close and personal

                                            Beautiful View of the game park

                                           Warthgogs, those things are fast.

                                             Me on top of one of the lookout points

The beaches here are amazing! The sand felt so real that it felt fake (If you know what i mean). I have never felt sand that felt so good LOL. But i just walked along the beach and took pictures because i cannot swim and would not dare try to act like i do. We saw huge jellyfish, hermit crabs, and some other sea creatures i do not know on the beach. One looked like a big stingray from afar, but when we got close we thought it was a jellyfish? Till this day, i still do not know what it was but it was huge.

Beach Photos

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