Sunday, February 16, 2014

Final Destination--At last!

Saturday-February 8 2014

Since we couldn't sleep, we decided to go to the airport early. When we got there, this lady was promoting bag wrapping. She told us to get it to secure our bags and it was free so we did it. After we went through security, we went to get some food. We went to the restaurant, Wimpy's, which is like a denny's/ihop. The food was really good and quick. I got a chicken sandwich, chips (French fries), and two bottles of water for R72.5 which is about $7. Definitely loving the exchange rate here lol. The people are extremely nice and have beautiful accents. The second half of the flight to port Elizabeth was very short only a hour and a half. Although, they did not have all the cool gadgets that the other plane had. Haha. When we arrived in port Elizabeth, it was so hot. I definitely knew we were in Africa by the heat and humidity. I literally took pictures of everything on the shuttle ride from PE to grahamstown which is about an hour and a half drive. Aidan, the international coordinator for exchange students, was waiting at the airport for us so we could get on the shuttle. I met two other exchange students from the u.s. at that time. When we got to the school, i got dropped off at my res (dorms) first. Everyone was so welcoming and nice and already knew who i was, which was really shocking. They helped me take my stuff in and get settled. Apparently, i have an accent, an American one which makes me so much cooler. Who would've thought? I guess it was also kind of bizarre to see an African American for them because not too many come for exchange there so they had tons of questions. I thought it was so ironic because i want to learn about them and there country and they wanted to talk about the u.s. Honestly, i think they knew more about the u.s. then i did. After i got settled in and everything, i went to register. When people heard me talk, they were like "Are you American?". I would respond, "is it obvious?" And everyone would be like yes i love your accent. So as long as i do not talk , i will not be seen as an American. Lol. Two guys from the SRC (our sga), were like "you're from the U.S.? Cool take a picture with us, i want to put it on the school website". I heard that most countries do not really like the u.s., but south Africa is definitely not on that list i guess.

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